Thursday, June 9, 2011

When did soup get so expensive?

So, my soup is getting more and more expensive.  All three of my lovely children decided to go through a growing spurt at about the same time.  So, new clothes, hand-me-downs, or whatever it takes.  Sandals. shorts, and short-sleeved shirts for the warmer weather (don't get me wrong - we are happy to see the sun and feel warmer even on overcast days!) have been needed - and all in larger sizes.  This though, at least I expect. 

Here's what I did not plan on...Jaren!  My dear 4 year old son has taken to "exploring" his bathroom.  When he should be up there taking care of business, he is doing oh so much more.  First it was wasting toilet paper - because it is so much fun to pull off  that roll - and we all know it takes at least a mile of the stuff to take care of the average child's bathroom experience!  Then it was the soap - a little pump is never quite enough - we must have enough to wash our hands and make enough bubbles to bubble up out of the sink! 

Next it was toothpaste - and you thought it was just for brushing teeth - but wait - there's more!  You can also use it to paint bathroom counters and faucet - oh let's smear it on the mirror too - so beautiful!  Isn't it so fun to squeeze it out and spread it everywhere.  I was so excited the other day when I used my beginning couponing skills to score some toothpaste for the boys to share for about 50 cents (usually over $2).  Well, now I am discovering that I am going to have to start finding the stuff for free so I can afford to keep enough around for Jaren.  Mind you, these are smaller tubes for younger kids, but within about 3 days of opening it up, it was all gone! 

And just when I thought that we had found all the things he was getting into he opened his medicine bottle of flouride the other day and dumped the pills into the toilet.  The good news - there were only a few left - and at Haggens we don't have to pay for it (they just take what the insurance gives them).  The bad news - when things start getting put into the toilet - I only wonder what's next...

Finally, a couple of days ago I went into his bathroom to discover a tube of Neosporin ointment squeezed out and spread all over the bathroom - toilet lid, counter, mirror, sink, etc.  - ugh!  I should have seen that one coming.  Silly me - it was stored in the cupboard over the toilet - so I thought it was safe - or that maybe I would hear him if he was into the cupboard - NOT even!  So, now we have moved some things to the top of that cupboard and are having even more discussions about the cost of Cooksoup!! 

Of course, I should note that quite naturally I have remained "perfectly" calm and reasonable with these ongoing experiences.....yeah - well, we can say that I try to keep my composure and deal with the situation while figuring out whether to laugh or cry. You can guess which it is when it happens more than once in a day, or when I balance the checking account.  But for right now - I choose to laugh. 

More to come on my adventures in couponing!  It has been quite a learning experience - and I will never be an "extreme couponer" because we don't have double couponing - and for so many other reasons - but I am working on saving some money on our shopping trips while stocking up some storage of food and goods.  The first tip I would share with anyone thinking about exploring the world of couponing - especially online - is get yourself a dedicated email account just for couponing!!! 

Have a great day!

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  1. I feel your pain...I really do! I'll have to find the picture of Cammie covered in ink. It's a classic!
    The other day on Extreme Couponing, there was a lady from Lynnwood that was able to walk away with a $50 store credit for her couponing skills. Part of that--a large part, I suspect--was that if you transfer a prescription to Fred Meyer, you get a $25 store credit.